Announcing the Black Radio Solidarity Day to Drive Souls to Give to HBCUs, A 24-hour Radiothon, Live from The J Spot, To Raise Money for Historically Black Colleges & Universities

Black Radio Solidarity announces a 24-hour Radiothon, Thursday, June 1 through Friday, June 2 to raise money for Historically Black Colleges and Universities located in the US and the US Virgin Islands. All donations will be electronic donations made directly to each school 
using online links to each school’s donation page.

Black Radio Solidarity announces a 24-hour fundraising Radiothon to Drive Souls to Give to Historically Black Colleges and Universities located within the United States and the US Virgin Islands. Sheryl Underwood Radio, founding station of Black Radio Solidarity Day, will have 24-hours of continuous broadcast live from The J Spot starting Thursday, June 1 through Friday, June 2, live.  The J Spot is located at 5581 W Manchester Ave, Los Angeles, CA.

According to Underwood, “We want to provide a platform where people can go to make donations directly to the individual HBCUs.” She adds, “Our goal with the Radiothon is to bring awareness to the role that HBCUs play in making dreams of a college education come true for thousands of students each year. Some of our schools are struggling financially. We want to help and this is something that we can do to make a difference in deserving student’s lives. This is the first radiothon and definitely not the last.”

The event will be a live broadcast and will include celebrities, entertainers, philanthropists and Greek letter organizations. Underwood says, “We want people to know about the fundraiser as early as possible so that they can plan to be in the audience if they want. It’s going to be so much fun; like the telethons that Jerry Lewis and Lou Rawls used to do. A lot of young people don’t even know about those shows or how much fun they were and how much money they raised for worthy causes. We want to introduce this giving concept to a new generation and welcome the generation that remembers it. We want everyone that cares about education to give; and if they’re in LA , we want them to stop by The J Spot and drop off tax deductible donations during the radiothon. We want people to call in and offer donation challenges and we’ll be doing “shout-outs” to those that give. And if you’re at The J Spot when you give, who knows, you may end up on the radio.”

Call To Action

  1. Radio stations and Radio DJs who want to support the BRSD Drive Souls to Give to HBCUs Campaign should visit to sign up their Radio Station or sign up as a DJ to link to the BRSD site. Sheryl Underwood Radio will direct listeners to call the stations that sign up to say thank you to the station for joining the Drive Souls to Give to HBCUs Campaign.
  1. Listeners and people interested in HBCUs should visit the website ( to look for their HBCU or HBCU Radio Station on the list of BRSD stations, as they are added. Sheryl adds, “If you don’t see your HBCU or HBCU Radio Station listed be sure to share the info with us by completing the form.”

BRSD wants organizations to band together under this good cause and make a difference in the lives of deserving students who need HBCUs to survive and thrive. Underwood says, “HBCUs need us now. We want to get everyone involved, so petition all politicians to include HBCUs in state budget, contact businesses, churches, civil rights organizations, Black Greek Letter Organizations and alumni and invite them to give.”  People can also call 1-855-Sheryl-1 or use social media to offer on-air challenges to organizations and individuals to match or surpass their donations. The broadcast will be on Facebook Live, streaming and connecting via all social media.

Entertainers are invited to stop by The J Spot to sit-in during the radiothon.

“We want everybody to join us in this effort, including Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey; and if the other 39 HBCU radio stations not currently Sheryl Underwood Radio affiliates would join us, we would have a minimum of 134 radio stations, all focused on raising money for education at HBCUs,” according to Underwood.

The campaign officially begins March 9. Organizers encourage donors to include BRSD in the memo section of all donations made starting March 9 until June 2 to Drive Souls to Give to HBCUs and show the power of the collective voice of Black radio.

“I’d like to also thank my friend and fraternity brother of Phi Beta Sigma, J. Anthony Brown, for allowing us to use The J Spot for the radiothon.”

During the campaign donations can be made to each individual HBCU by visiting the BRSD website. Donations can also be made to the Pack Rat Foundation For Education Incorporated, a California 501 (c) 3, to support the foundation’s HBCU initiatives.

All donations will be made online, using electronic donation links that each school is being asked to provide. No donations will be collected by Black Radio Solidarity or by Sheryl Underwood Radio.

For more information call 1-855-Sheryl-1 or visit

If you are a Black Radio Station and/or announcer and would like to join the “Black Radio Solidarity-Driving Souls Movement,” visit to sign up.