Welcome Courtney Black

Sheryl Underwood Radio keeps hitting new highs. With the announcement of its 122nd radio affiliate, namesake and entertainer Sheryl Underwood expands the on-air crew with the addition of comedy’s rising star Courtney Black.


Courtney, originally from Washington, DC, will join Sheryl, Kyle Erby, Harry Southerland and Vic Frost, as she shares her witty views on life, love, living single and the hot topics of the day. “According to Sheryl, Courtney, is a great addition to our team. I’m so happy that my friends, Steve Harvey and J. Anthony Brown, gave Courtney a shot on-air; otherwise I might not have been exposed to her talent. She is funny, sexy and smart; no really, she holds two Bachelor of Science degrees and used to do cancer research – so now she’s helping to heal people with laughter.”


Most recently Courtney added her personal brand of comedy to “J. Anthony Brown’s Weekend Countdown” radio show; she has been a guest on “News One Now with Roland Martin”; a guest star on “Adam Ruins Everything” airing on TruTV and she is a writer and voice actor on the green-lit animation “Slimbones”.


Based in Los Angeles, Courtney’s standup comedy takes her across the country, from Vegas to New York. She has opened for many entertainers, including Martin Lawrence, a comedic idol of hers. She hosts and produces three (3) monthly shows in Los Angeles and regularly performs in Los Angeles at The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, The J Spot, The Improv, Flappers, The Ice House and other venues throughout the city; she’s even performed in Africa!


Sheryl Underwood Radio, now airing daily on 125 radio affiliates, with a reach of over 8 million listeners, is a very diverse show; with affiliates in Montana, South Dakota, New Mexico and in every urban market from California through the South, into the Midwest and in the Virgin Islands. Sheryl Underwood Radio is “affiliate friendly” programming that gives radio stations the opportunity to program their own music around the content and infrastructure Sheryl Underwood Radio provides. In addition to lively and engaging conversation and commentary on current events and sports, Sheryl Underwood Radio offers Public Service Announcements and Black Radio Solidarity Day campaigns that promote “what’s good in the neighborhood.”